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GKS upgraded from v2.11.6 → v2.12.4

Supported Kubernetes versions

Kubernetes clusters will be upgraded as follows in order to deploy bugfixes and security fixes.

v1.13.x -> v1.13.12

v1.14.x -> v1.14.8

v1.15.x -> v1.15.5

  • Customers can now create Kubernetes clusters with version v1.16.x.
  • Kubernetes 1.13 which is end-of-life has been removed.

Major new features

  • Kubernetes 1.16 support was added
  • Removed K8S releases affected by CVE-2019-11253
  • Added possibility to add labels to projects and clusters and have these labels inherited by node objects.
  • Added support for Kubernetes audit logging
  • “Connect” button on cluster details will now open Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Pod Security Policies can now be enabled


  • Kubernetes 1.13 which is end-of-life has been removed.
  • Redesign dialog to manage SSH keys on cluster
  • Redesign Wizard: Summary
  • Cluster type toggle in wizard is now hidden if only one cluster type is active
  • Disabled the possibility of adding new Machine Deployments until the cluster is fully ready.
  • The cluster name is now editable from the dashboard
  • Added warning about Machine Deployment changes that will recreate all nodes.
  • Pod Security Policy can now be activated from the wizard
  • Redesigned extended options in wizard
  • Various security improvements in authentication