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GKS upgraded from v2.12.4 → v2.13.10

Supported Kubernetes versions

New Kubernetes versions

Customers can now create Kubernetes clusters with version v1.17.9.

Updates to the supported Kubernetes versions

The list of the supported Kubernetes versions will be updated as follows in order to deploy bugfixes and security fixes:

v1.15.x -> v1.15.10

v1.16.x -> v1.16.15

v1.17.x -> v1.17.9

End of Life announcements

End-of-Life: Kubernetes v1.14 is no longer supported. Existing v1.14 clusters should be upgraded to a newer version, otherwise they will be force upgraded automatically at a later time. Please see our related deprecation and force upgrade policy.

Major new features

  • The authorized_keys files on nodes are now updated whenever the SSH keys for a cluster are changed.
  • Added support for custom CA for OpenID provider in the API.
  • Added user settings panel.
  • Added cluster addon UI
  • MachineDeployments can now be configured to enable Dynamic Kubelet Configuration
  • Added RBAC management functionality to UI

Cloud providers

  • Openstack: A bug that caused cluster reconciliation to fail if the controller crashed at the wrong time was fixed
  • Openstack: New Kubernetes 1.16+ clusters use the external Cloud Controller Manager and CSI by default
  • Openstack: include distributed routers in existing router search


  • Fixed master-controller failing to create project-label-synchronizer controllers.
  • Fixed broken NodePort-Proxy for user clusters with LoadBalancer expose strategy.
  • Fixed cluster namespaces being stuck in Terminating state when deleting a cluster.
  • Fixed Seed Validation Webhook rejecting new Seeds in certain situations
  • A panic that could occur on clusters that lack both credentials and a credentialsSecret was fixed.
  • A bug that occasionally resulted in a Error: no matches for kind- "MachineDeployment" in version "" visible in the UI was fixed.
  • A memory leak in the port-forwarding of the Kubernetes dashboard endpoint was fixed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented clusters in working seeds from being listed in the- dashboard if any other seed was unreachable.
  • Prevented removing system labels during cluster edit
  • Fixed deleting user-selectable addons from clusters.
  • Fixed node name validation while creating clusters and Machine Deployments
  • Fixed swagger and API client for ssh key creation.
  • Fixed a bug preventing editing of existing cluster credential secrets
  • Fix componentsOverride of a cluster affecting other clusters

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.17

  • Cloud Provider Labels reached GA
  • Volume Snapshot moved to Beta
  • CSI Migration is in Beta

Upgrade notes for Kubernetes 1.17

If you are planning to upgrade, please have a look at the Upgrade Notes section of the official Kubernetes v1.18 release notes and make sure you familiarise yourself with the upcoming changes.

For an overview of the changes, please refer to the Changes section of the Changelog.