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GKS upgraded from v2.13.10 → v2.14.9

Supported Kubernetes versions

New Kubernetes versions

Customers can now create Kubernetes clusters with version v1.18.6.

Updates to the supported Kubernetes versions

The list of the supported Kubernetes versions will be updated as follows in order to deploy bugfixes and security fixes:

v1.15.x -> v1.15.11

v1.16.x -> v1.16.15

v1.17.x -> v1.17.9

v1.18.x -> v1.18.6

End of Life announcements

End-of-Life: CoreOS is no longer supported (replaced by Flatcar).

New features

  • Added support for Kubernetes 1.18
  • Added Flatcar Linux as an Operating System option
  • Added support for creating RBAC bindings to group subjects

Cloud providers

  • Openstack: Fixed a bug preventing the usage of pre-existing subnets connected to distributed routers
  • Openstack: Fix changing user/password for OpenStack cluster credentials.


  • Fix bad apiserver Deployments when no Dex CA was configured.
  • Fixed cluster credential Secrets not being reconciled properly.
  • Fixed swagger and API client for ssh key creation.
  • Fixed seed-proxy controller not being triggered.
  • Added missing Flatcar Linux handling in API
  • Fixed nodes sometimes not having the correct distribution label applied.
  • Fixed missing Prometheus metrics.
  • Fix label for nodeport-proxy when deployed with the operator.
  • Create an RBAC role to allow kubeadm to get nodes. This fixes nodes failing to join kubeadm clusters running Kubernetes 1.18+.

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.18

  • Kubernetes Topology Manager has been moved to Beta
  • Serverside Apply has reached Beta 2
  • Ingress has been extended with a pathType field
  • The IngressClass resource has been introduced
  • Addition of the kubectl debug feature
  • Node Local DNSCache graduated to GA

Upgrade notes for Kubernetes 1.18

If you are planning to upgrade to Kubernetes 1.18, please have a look at the Upgrade Notes section of the official Kubernetes v1.18 release notes and make sure you familiarise yourself with the upcoming changes.

For an overview of the changes, please refer to the Changes by Kind section of the Changelog.