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It is now possible to migrate cluster that still uses the in-tree to the external cloud provider.

This is required to be done before the upgrade to Kubernetes v1.21 as the in-tree provider will be removed in that version.

You can verify the if you need to migrate in the cluster details page.

migration needed migration not needed

Migration process

If you need special assistance, please contact the GEC Support.

Step 1 start migration

Press the update button and ok. migration needed

That will trigger the control plane update and migrate all PV/PVC to the new cinder CSI plugin.

Your load balancer will get a new IP

While the migration is running, all Neutron load balancers will be replaced with a new Octavia load balancer, as required in our Optimist platform.

At this state you will have two load balancers, the old Neutron load balancer with the old IP and a new Octavia load balancer with a new IP.

Step 2 fix/update IP/DNS setting

You can either update your DNS settings now or move the old FIP from the Neutron to the new Octavia load balancer.

Changing DNS has no downtime and should be prepared with a reduction of the TTL before starting the migration.

Change the FIP will lead to a small downtime, while detaching it from the Neutron and reattaching to the Octavia load balancer.

NOTE: Do not recreate your nodes before finishing this step! That will lead to a downtime, as the old load balancer will not be updated

Step 3 rotate machinedeployment

Rotate your machines to finish the migration. worker rotation

Note: The old neutron load balancer will stop working at that point

Step 4 cleanup

Delete the old neutron load balancer.

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