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What are cluster templates?

Cluster templates are templates that enable a fast and uniform creation of Kubernetes clusters. With Cluster Templates, clusters can be created with a few clicks without having to re-enter settings such as credentials, network settings and availability zones each time.

Creation of cluster templates

To create a Cluster Templates, select the Cluster Templates menu item in the sidebar and then click the Create Cluster button.

Empty Overview

The cluster creation process known from the section Creating a cluster will then open. Enter all the data required for the cluster creation here. In the last step “Summary”, do not click on Create Cluster but on Save Cluster Template.

Save Cluster Template Button

Now the dialog Save Cluster Template opens. Here the desired name and storage scope can be defined.

Templates can be saved in 2 different scopes:

  • On project level: All users of the project can use the template.
  • On user level: The template can be used in all projects in which the user has write access. Other users cannot use the template.

Dialog Save Cluster Template

The selection is confirmed by the Save Cluster Template button and the cluster template has thus been saved.

Create cluster from template

New clusters can now be easily created from the template just created.

Select the menu item Cluster Templates in the sidebar. Now select the desired template and press the button Create Cluster from Template.

Template Overview Create

You will be asked how many clusters you want to create from this template. Enter a number and confirm the selection with Create Clusters.

Template Dialog Create Cluster

The cluster or clusters are then created. Clusters created from cluster template are recognizable by the template-instance-id label.

Cluster Overview New Cluster

Note: Another way to create clusters from templates can be found in the Cluster menu with the button Create Clusters from Template. The function is not different from the one just shown and is just a shortcut in the interface.


Delete cluster template

To delete cluster templates, select the menu item Cluster Templates in the sidebar and the corresponding template. To delete, click the Delete Cluster Template button.

Template Overview Delete