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It’s quick and simple to delete Clusters in iMKE. The only prerequisite is that you need a running Cluster in an iMKE Project.

Finding the Cluster

To delete a Cluster, we need to go into the Cluster’s detail view. For this we click on first-system: Step 1

We need to use the cluster name later. To copy it into the clipboard, we click on the name: Step 2

Deleting the Cluster

Now we click Delete. Step 3

This opens a window where we need to enter the cluster name to avoid sudden and unwanted deletions. Since we copied the name into our clipboard previously, we can simply paste it here. Step 4

Since we also want to free up the resources, we leave both check boxes marked. That way, volumes and load balancers provided by OpenStack will be removed as well.


We learnt and achieved the following:

  • How to delete a Cluster
  • How to delete all Resources in OpenStack as well.

Congratulations! That’s all you need to know to delete a Cluster in iMKE.