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We are providing one default storage class per Cluster.

Caution: This is managed by iMKE and can be overwritten at any time. Please create a separate storage class for your changes.

kubectl get
NAME                 PROVISIONER            AGE
standard (default)   268d
kubectl get
NAME                   PROVISIONER                AGE
cinder-csi (default)   6h45m

The provisioner is version and creation time dependent.

  • all Kubernetes Cluster prior 1.16 and created before 29.10

  • all Kubernetes Cluster 1.16+ and created after 19.10

Openstack Volume Types

The Openstack volume types sorted by maximum possible IOPS:

  • low-iops
  • default <- used in the default class
  • high-iops

Add your own classes

If you need use one of the other types, you can add your own definitions.


kind: StorageClass
  name: my-high-iops-class
  type: high-iops

and apply with kubectl apply -f storage-class.yaml

  • name you should choose a unique one, as we don’t want to interfere with the default names.
  • provisioner use the one of your cluster. You can always have a look in the default class to verify the right provider.
  • type use on of the official provides types from the optimist platform (as of writing low-iops and high-iops).

To use the new storage class you need to change your volumes definitions and add the new StorageClass name.