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Step 1: The Horizon(Dashboard)


In this step by step tutorial, we will ease you into using OpenStack.

We’ll start with the Horizon dashboard, after that we’ll switch to the console and then finish up with writing our own Heat template.


After you have received your credentials, we can log in to the dashboard.

IMPORTANT: There is no automatic way to reset the password, if you need a new password, please write an e-mail to

The URL for the dashboard is

You should see the login form, use default for the Domain field and also use your username and password in the appropriate fields.

To log in, click Connect.

Change Password

For security reasons we recommend that you change your password after you received it from us.

It’s easily changed via clicking your Username(1) in right corner of the Horizon and then clicking Settings(2).

Now you will see the settings page, where you can change various settings.

To change the password, click on Change Password(1) in the left side-navigation and you need to enter your old one(2), enter the new one(3) and confirm the new one(4).

To save it, click Change(5).


You’ve taken your first steps in the dashboard and changed your password!